FY2017-2022 ITCS Strategic Plan


To assure ECU’s leadership in IT, we strive to improve teaching, research, learning and productivity for faculty, students and staff through the effective use of information technology


We aspire to build an organization with committed and skilled people accountable to and serving faculty, staff and students; simple processes making it easy to work with us, do our jobs and deliver results; and innovative technology that is the right technology for the right reasons.

University Commitments and Responsibilities

We are dedicated to providing support for the university‚Äôs commitment to maximize student success, serve the public, and lead regional transformation. We use these commitments and the university’s responsibilities as a guide in our processes to ensure alignment with institutional priorities.

Goal #1: Cultivate an Intentional Culture of IT Security

University Responsibility: We will reward innovation and continuous improvement in processes, technology, business intelligence, and infrastructure.

ITCS shall cultivate an intentional culture of IT security within its workforce and its campus partners. This will involve adopting appropriate security requirements as essential elements of IT product and service selection criteria, IT system and application designs, IT service implementations, technology support activities, and incident management processes. Appropriate safeguards shall be selected through a combination of risk-based decisions and University compliance obligations.

Goal #2: Enable Innovative Teaching and Learning

University Commitment: Maximize Student Success

ITCS shall create an academic technology environment that promotes innovation and collaboration with stakeholders that encourages the exploration and adoption of new teaching tools, and provides learning technologies that maximize student success by enhancing the learning experience of our students.

Goal #3: Governance

University Responsibility: We will reward innovation and continuous improvement in processes, technology, business intelligence, and infrastructure.

Governance within ITCS is our method to ensure active and resourceful use of institutional resources and capabilities to meet the goals of the university. ITCS’ governance structure focuses on strategic alignment and prioritization of investments, to assist with ensuring ITCS is working on the most important initiatives for the university and that appropriate resources are allocated.

Goal #4: Operational Excellence

University Responsibility: We will reward innovation and continuous improvement in processes, technology, business intelligence, and infrastructure.

Continuously improving and ensuring efficient/effective performance of core business functions and enterprise services by providing quality customer service and exceptional service delivery is crucial to accomplishing ITCS’ mission. ITCS will implement customer-centric and service-management approaches to continuously improve IT delivery. This will result in cost-effective enterprise solutions that reduce costs, streamline development, and provide staff, faculty, and students access to excellent information technology and information services.

Goal #5: Staff Development

University Responsibility: We will embrace an inclusive university community and are committed to recruiting and retaining faculty and staff with diverse background

Facing constant challenges to recruit and retain high-caliber IT professionals whose skills reflect our current technology requirements, ITCS will continue to seek the best-qualified candidates, to promote career goals across the IT workforce, and to provide appropriate training to nurture the talent required to deliver tomorrow’s technology in a changing workplace environment.

Goal #6: Strategic Sourcing

University Responsibility: We will control costs and diversify revenue streams.

ITCS shall build a foundation for strategic sourcing that will aid in development of a plan to enable IT sourcing processes for choosing or procuring information technology resources from a party outside of ITCS. With our fast-changing business environment and evolving business objectives it has become essential for ITCS to generate a strategic sourcing plan where relationships with vendors would be one of collaboration; while guaranteeing their capability to respond to ECU’s changing business need delivers value, including ensuring that goods and services are obtained at the lowest cost consistent with university requirements for quality, performance, service and resource availability.

Goal #7: Support World Class Research

University Commitment: Lead Regional Transformation.

ITCS shall deliver services and technologies that support the university’s research community initiatives through the creation and implementation of resources for research computing.