Alumni Quick Links

Show Your Pirate Pride

Congratulations, graduates! You’ve worked hard and received that degree. Now take advantage of these great perks.

Alumni Email

Your student account automatically converts to the ECU alumni address after 120 days unless you enroll again as a student.

Your primary email address is Your old student address still works.

All mailbox items from your student account are also available in your alumni account.

Before you begin using your alumni account, you must enroll with Microsoft 365 Self-Service Password Reset at to set up a new password.

After enrollment, access the alumni email account through using your student PirateID/new password.

Passwords are 15 characters and changed every 365 days through Microsoft 365 account settings at Two-factor authentication is also managed through account security settings. For more information and tutorials, visit the IT Knowledge Base Alumni User Accounts category.

The alumni mailbox size is 50GB.

Don’t forget to manually reconfigure your mobile email!

This email is a free, lifetime account. However, if there is no activity for 365 days, it is deactivated and permanently deleted 135 days later.


OneDrive Cloud Storage

You get to keep your Microsoft 365 OneDrive cloud storage after graduation although storage space is reduced to 100GB. If your current data exceeds 100GB, move, delete and organize before graduation.

Create and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents through the web apps in OneDrive.

The Microsoft Office download for your computer you had as a student is no longer available once your account moves to the alumni system. Documents on your computer become read-only but can be uploaded to OneDrive and edited through the web apps.


Readmitted to ECU?

If you return to ECU as a student within 120 days of graduation, your student account remains active. If you are readmitted to ECU after 120 days, your alumni address reverts back to your previous student email address.

All student mailbox items are available in the alumni account. All alumni mailbox items are available in the student account.

If you do not finish your graduate degree, you still have access to your alumni account if your undergraduate degree is from ECU.