Students Can Now Self-withdraw from a Course

Sometimes life happens. When responsibilities collide, you may decide it’s time to postpone taking a class. If so, the process to withdraw after the course adjustment period (drop-add) has just become a little easier.

Beginning with first summer session 2024, students can now
self-withdraw from a course through PiratePort.

If you decide withdrawing from a course is right for you, please keep the following in mind:

  • See the Course Drops/Withdrawal Policy page for specific information about course withdrawal, extenuating circumstances, refunds and term withdrawals.
  • We recommend contacting your academic advisor, program director or financial aid counselor (if applicable) before withdrawing.
  • Check the academic calendar for the withdrawal window.
  • Undergraduates have a 16 semester hour withdrawal allotment during their undergrad career. There is no grade, but the withdrawal is part of the transcript. No registration PIN is necessary.
  • Graduate students have no specific withdrawal allotment but must contact their Graduate Program Director to discuss course or term withdrawals.
  • Note that a withdrawal may affect:
    • On campus housing
    • Financial aid/scholarships
    • Degree progression/graduation
    • Full time enrollment status
    • Billing
    • Health insurance/Student Blue
    • Veteran benefits
    • Graduate assistantships and tuition remission
  • You have 1 business day to request a reinstatement if you withdraw from a class in error.

Withdrawal Process

Here is a short version of the process. See the Resources below for links to step-by-step instructions that include screen shots.

  1. Log in to PiratePort and click the Registration & Planning tile.
  2. Click the Add or Drop Classes link.
  3. Choose the current term and continue.
  4. Find the class from which you are withdrawing in the summary window (bottom right).
  5. Choose **Withdrawn** from the Action drop-down.
  6. Click Submit. Look for the Save successful message (top right). Undergraduate students see a Withdrawal Information screen that shows the number of withdrawal credits used.

You, your advisor/program director and instructor are notified by email.


See these PDF attachments for step-by-step instructions:

Receive an error? See the Course Withdrawal Error Messages page for specific errors and solutions.

Withdraw by mistake? Email the course instructor, advisor and program director within 1 business day.

Post expires at 10:10am on Monday November 17th, 2025