Learning Tech News – November 2023

Canvas, Hypothesis, UDL, Live Polling and Training


Canvas Tip

Communication can be one of the keys to success in any course. However, knowing when and who to communicate with at the right time can be tricky. Canvas supports communication right from the grade center by allowing you to message specific students who haven’t submitted an assignment, students who scored above a certain percentage, or scored below a certain percentage.

This feature can be a fantastic way to send targeted messages to students to convey the information they need to be successful in your course.

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Getting Started with Hypothesis in Canvas

Hypothesis is a collaborative annotation tool that you can use as a new way to engage your students. Whether you want to mix-up your assignments with something new or find innovative ways to get your students engaging with one another, Hypothesis could be the solution for you.

Want to learn more but short on time? Check out this guide on Getting Started with Hypothesis in Canvas.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Introduction to Multiple Means of Engagement

Having trouble getting your students engaged? It’s not your fault, not every student is engaged in the same way. Whether we’re trying to recruit interest, sustain effort and persistence, or providing options for self-regulation, UDL offers insights into ways we can try and engage our classes.

Want to learn more about providing multiple means of engagement? Take a moment to learn more about UDL with the Learning Technologies Team’s Justin Littlefield in this short video.

Should you want to learn more, schedule a one-on-one consultation.

Live Polling

As part of our efforts for continuous improvement, the Learning Technologies team is presently engaged in an evaluation of the campus-wide supported software employed for live polling. The Learning Technologies team is looking to gather valuable insights from faculty and staff. We are particularly interested in asking for feedback about the current use of live polling software, identifying evolving needs, and gauging familiarity with alternative polling software solutions. We ask for your participation by completing this survey. The survey should take approximately 5 minutes.


Cornerstone Training

The Learning Technologies Team is offering several training sessions that you can register for through Cornerstone.

Training Topics
Intro to PanoptoThursday, November 910am
New Quizzes - CanvasTuesday, November 142pm
Webex in CanvasFriday, November 1710am
Canvas GradebookWednesday, November 299am
Canvas Course OrganizationThursday, November 302pm

Check out Cornerstone to see the useful training we offer.


Want to learn how to use Panopto but too short on time to attend a training? The Learning Technologies team has created an asynchronous Panopto course that you can take on your own time and at your own pace right on Cornerstone.

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Technical Training Consultations

Book 30-minute technical training on the following technologies:
Canvas, Teams, Panopto, Studio OneDrive, and Webex