Learning Tech News Faculty – January 2024

Canvas Essentials

Canvas Checklist

Start Spring 2024 off on the right foot by reviewing the Canvas Semester Essentials guide, which contains information such as:

  • Cross-Listing Courses
  • Customizing Course Detail Settings
  • Publishing Courses and Content
  • Creating Homepages
  • Creating Modules


Respondus Monitor

For faculty requiring students to use Respondus Monitor, if you are selecting an environment scan as part of the testing experience, keep in mind that students are only required to show computer monitors and the desktop area in which they are completing the exam.

For proctoring with small groups using the Live feature with a web conferencing tool (e.g., Zoom, Teams, Webex), do not request an environmental scan as part of the testing experience.

Faculty using proctoring software must have included language in their syllabus about technology requirements and the recording of students. More information can be found on the Syllabus Recommendations page. If you did not use similar language in your course syllabi, online proctoring should not be used in your course.  Faculty should not retroactively amend their syllabi to include this language if it was not originally included.

Additional resources:

Classroom Recording

Media Consent and Release Syllabus Statement for Class Recordings – UPDATE!

ECU’s media consent and release statement for class recordings has been updated, classroom recordings now only require a Syllabus Statement. Full details, including the new Syllabus Statement, can be found on the ECU Media Consent Release Guidelines, which clarifies when written prior permission is required and other considerations.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Providing Options for Assessment

We know that no learner profile is the same. All learners learn and express themselves differently. However, students are often boxed into specific assessments and means of expression that do not allow them to play to their strengths. This keeps them from performing their best at assessments. Providing options for learners will help them deliver the best work possible.

Want to learn more about providing options for your learners? Take a moment to learn more about UDL with the Learning Technologies Team’s Justin Littlefield in this short video.

Should you want to learn more, schedule a one-on-one consultation.


Upcoming Training

Training TopicsDate and TimeLocation
Course Design1/16/24 – 10:00 a.m.Join Here
Teaching with Video1/18/24 – 1:00 p.m.Join Here
Microsoft Teams and OneDrive1/23/24 – 2:00 p.m.Join Here
Advanced Course Design in Canvas1/24/24 – 10:00 a.m.Join Here
Webex in Canvas1/29/24 – 2:00 p.m.Join Here

For a full list of our Canvas Connections series, check the Office for Faculty Excellence upcoming sessions page.

Likewise, check out some of our other upcoming sessions on Cornerstone.


Technical Training Consultations

Book 30-minute technical training on the following technologies:
Canvas, Teams, Panopto, Studio OneDrive, and Webex