ITCS Retrieval of Unused VoIP Phones

Maintaining our inventory of unused phones

As ITCS now provides voice-over-IP (VoIP) phones to departments throughout the university, we are also managing the university’s inventory of unused phones and disposing of damaged or end-of-life phones. This is the case regardless of the original funding source used to purchase any given phone. To that end, we are collecting all unused phones to be either added to inventory or disposed of via surplus.

Do you have an unused phone? With the growing telework trend and increased use of collaboration tools like the Cisco Webex app and Microsoft Teams, many traditional desktop phones are no longer in use. If you have a phone that you no longer need, please confirm with your supervisor or office manager that it is available for retrieval and submit the following form. Likewise, if you oversee an area where such phones are available for retrieval, please submit the following form. Please do not store or dispose of unused phones.

>> Submit VoIP unused phone(s) retrieval request <<

Need a phone? Employees can submit a Telephone Service & Support ticket through our IT Service Catalog to request a phone and read more about services, including how to access the Cisco Self Care and Personal Communications Assistant portals.