ECU Guidelines for Using Artificial Intelligence

While it can be difficult to separate the hype from reality, it is clear that:

  • AI tools impact the way we work.
  • Vendors are building AI tools into existing products.
  • Vendors are developing new AI products at a rapid pace.

As an academic institution, it’s important we explore and utilize this new technology, but do so in a responsible way to ensure we protect ECU assets.

As ITCS assessed the current policies in view of new AI tools, we found that existing polices regarding Data Governance and Software Acquisition are sufficient, but clear guidelines are needed to help users navigate these new tools.

In fall of 2023, a workgroup made up of representatives from across campus was tasked with developing usage guidelines for AI. These guidelines are now posted to the Data Governance website at Institutional Data and AI Guidance.

Please note these guidelines do not override directives given by departmental leadership in your area, so before using any type of AI tools, it’s important to discuss with your supervisor or departmental leadership regarding appropriate use.

Further, I’d like to thank the workgroup members for their time on this important work.

  • Scotty Stroup – ITCS Director of Enterprise Services
  • Lee Cline – ITCS Manager of Enterprise Data Support Services
  • Mark Webster – ITCS Chief Information Security Officer
  • Scott Walfield – Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Faculty Senate’s Committee on Distance Education and Learning Technology
  • Becky Welch – Office of Research Administration
  • John Southworth – ITCS Learning Technology Supervisor and ECU Ithaka SR Generative AI research team representative
  • Jan Lewis – Director of Academic Library Services and ECU Ithaka SR Generative AI research team representative
  • Tim Smith – Associate Director of Office of Institutional Integrity
  • Carole Wilson – Director of Systems Coordination and Financial Data Steward

Zach Loch, Associate Vice Chancellor & Chief Information Officer

Post expires at 12:28pm on Thursday August 28th, 2025