Classroom Technology Legend

Icon Description
1 Flatscreen/Projector
One flatscreen/projector in the classroom
2 Flatscreen/Projectors
Two flatscreen/projectors in the classroom
3 Flatscreen/Projectors
Three flatscreen/projectors in the classroom
Computer in the room
Computer located in the classroom podium
Microphone - Voice projection
Allows for voice amplification. Ideal for large audiences or soft speakers
Document Camera
Allows instructor to show 3-D objects, text from a book or a sheet of paper to audience
Present - Wired BYOD
Instructor must connect their personal device to the connector located at the base of the podium
Present - Wireless BYOD
Instructor and/or students can present from their personal device wirelessly using AirMedia
Lecture Capture- Panopto Desktop Software
Lectures can be recorded with Mediasite Desktop Recorder, a software solution
Video Conf. Capable
Room is integrated with video conferencing hardware
Web Conferencing e.g. Webex or Teams
Web conferencing can be done via software solution such as Saba, WebEx, or Skype
Lecture Capture - Panopto Hardware Recorder