ECU Email Setup and Access

Student and alumni ECU email is managed through Microsoft Office 365. Staff ECU email accounts continue to be serviced through ECU Exchange servers.

Email Web Logins

Log in to email through a browser:

Mobile App (ActiveSync)

Mobile devices have a “native email app” already installed. Instruction links below.

Mobile Security Reminders:

  1. Faculty/Staff are required to set a device PIN (passcode) when configuring ECU email.
  2. Students/alumni are not required to set a PIN.
  3. Never store sensitive data on a mobile device

Mobile Email Settings

For all users, add the account as an Exchange (or Corporate or ActiveSync) account, not POP or IMAP.
Faculty/Staff Exchange:

Username/password ECU credentials
Other settings (for some Androids):Use SSL, Accept all SSL certificates

*Phones that don’t provide a separate field for domain should use intra\username in the username field.


Username: complete email address
Exchange Server:
Domain: leave blank

Outlook Software (desktop, laptop, tablet or phone)

Outlook is an information management software for email, calendar, contacts and other messaging tools.

Learn Outlook tips and tricks with these video classes: Outlook for iOS and Android First Look , Outlook for Mac 2016 Essential Training and Outlook 2016 Essential Training (Windows) .


Laptop/Desktop (Windows/Mac)
pdf instructions for Mac 2016

  1. Install from Office 365 version on personal computers (students, staff, faculty)
  2. Outlook is installed on ECU-purchased computers (faculty, staff)
  3. Open Outlook
  4. First-time users are prompted to enter their email address and ECU passphrase
  5. Automatic account set up walks you through the rest of the process
  6. See other settings above.


Mobile Tablet/Phone (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile)

  1. Set a PIN for the device to enable encryption (staff and faculty required)
  2. From the app store, download the Microsoft Outlook – email and calendar app
  3. Follow the prompts and enter your email address and ECU passphrase

See these instructions for setting up Outlook on a Kindle or Blackberry: Outlook Web App help page


Apple Mail (Mac laptop or desktop)

The native email program installed on your Mac. See this website for set up instructions: