MyWeb Self-Service Website

Need an academic website? You’re in the right place. Log in to to request a site from this self-service page.

Note that a user can log in to an existing blog using the MyWeb interface. However, submit an IT service ticket ( to request a new WordPress blog.
Once your site is createdusually within minutes of your requestmanage files and upload changes from this simple interface. Viewing options and other site features are also configured through this interface.

Your url will look like this in your web browser:


Winmedia – Streaming Media Server

The Winmedia server hosts audio and video files for departments, faculty/staff and official ECU groups. Once uploaded to the Winmedia server, multimedia files can be linked to an academic website, online document or blog.

Most any multimedia format can be housed on Winmedia. Streaming video is available for .wmv files.

Permissions can be restricted to certain users.