Voice Services and Telephones

Campus Telephones and the Cisco Unified Communications System

All campus telephones utilize the digital Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This allows voice calls over a network connection rather than the traditional analog voice system. Depending on your telephone hardware, VoIP allows you to make telephone-to-telephone voice calls, telephone-to-computer calls and telephone-to-telephone video calls.

Features and Settings

Your Telephone

Your Voice Mail

  • Basic features (includes instructions for updating PIN and greeting)
  • Cisco Unity Web Inbox login: http://voicemail.ecu.edu (copy and paste into a browser)
    Through the Messaging Assistant, view your voice messages online, change settings or record a new greeting


Update ECU Directory

See these instructions to update your ECU directory entry.

Elevator/Blue Light Emergency Phones

Elevator and Blue Light emergency telephones on campus automatically ring to the 911 switchboard at the ECU Police Department. See the campus Google map for locations of all blue light emergency phones.

Harassing Telephone Calls

Contact campus police at 252.328.6787 to report harassing or threatening calls. Residence halls can also contact the residence hall coordinator for assistance.

Student Organizations

Student organizations whose funds are controlled by the Student Fund Accounting Office request telecommunications services the same as a campus department.


Learn how to hold a teleconference using your Cisco telephone

Voice Services Billing

Departments are billed monthly for telecommunications services.

  • All services are billed monthly to the account numbers specified by the responsible department.
  • Communications services are to be used only while conducting official university business. Submit this Telecommunications service request to report fraudulent telephone use.
  • Report billing errors to ITCS Telecommunications in accordance with instructions accompanying the bill.
  • Billing account numbers may be changed by submitting this IT service request that includes the extension number and new billing account number.