ECU Email

Faculty and Staff

An employee’s Exchange account includes email, calendar, contacts, tasks and more. This information is maintained on the server for 24/7 access, on or off campus. To access the inbox through a browser, users can log in to

***** Check out the changes at *****

Over the next few months, ECU is modernizing staff email with user-friendly archive, encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) tools plus improved spam and malware protection to accommodate security policies and prepare for a future move to Office 365.



This is your official ECU email where instructors and ECU send important communications. Log in at

Multi-factor Authentication is now activated for student email. See this MFA page for details.


Department Email Account

Departments requiring an email account (for example, an inbox for website feedback) should submit the Departmental Email Account Request form in the online IT Help Desk service request system.

The form requires an account name, the purpose of the account and the names of the administrator and back-up administrator.



ECU email content automatically moves to alumni email after graduation. OneDrive becomes a personal account, and Office downloads to your computer no longer work. Your documents remain intact.

Your email address changes to To open the inbox, please log in to

NOTE: Alumni email addresses created before February 2014 are Please login to

Passphrase management for both types of alumni account is through the Passphrase Maintenance website.


Legacy Alumni Email

Alumni email addresses created before February 2014 are Please login at



Consider these helpful security tips:

  1. Never reply to email requesting personal information.
  2. Do not open email attachments within email.
  3. Save attachments to computer and scan with antivirus first.
  4. If you don’t know the sender, delete the email.
  5. Visit the phishing page to find out more.