Poster Printing

ITCS offers the following large format printing services on main campus in Austin 103.

  • Faculty and staff: Conference and academic research only.
  • Students: Conferences or research events only. The conference or research event name must be included on the poster. We are not allowed to print posters for class presentations or personal use

If your poster doesn’t meet the criteria above for free printing in Austin 103, contact Joyner Library and Laupus Library for department advertising, class presentations or personal printouts. These services charge a fee.



Our poster printing service is for faculty academic presentation posters only. Acceptable file formats are PDF (preferred), PowerPoint and PhotoShop. Please do not request multiple copies unless there is an error or multiple authors. We do not format, edit, laminate or mount posters.

PowerPoint posters should be submitted as a PDF file set to the highest resolution. Be aware that if images are low-resolution or fonts are not embedded, there may be unexpected results.



Paper rolls are 42 inches wide. Either the width or length of a poster may exceed 42 inches, but not both sides. Maximum size is 42×84 inches. Minimum size is 11×17. To print documents 11×17 or smaller, contact ECU Rapid Copy.


Tips for a Successful Poster

  • Use a white background whenever possible.
  • Use only one page for the entire poster.
  • For sharp resolution, fonts, images, charts and tables should be embedded in the slide (not linked).
  • Note that the colors on your monitor may not reproduce exactly the same on the printed poster. See the ECU Branding website for official color pallet.
  • Image resolution should be set to at least 300 dpi.
  • Be sure to embed within your slide all non-standard fonts you are legally entitled to use. This is especially important when using symbols.
  • Submit your file as PDF whenever possible.



Posters are printed on a first come, first served basis, usually within 24 hours unless there is a high volume of requests or a problem with the poster. Posters are printed Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., excluding holidays.


PowerPoint Templates

Templates created in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.

3-Column Template3-Column Template
56×42 3-Column Template
56x42 3-Column Template
48×42 Template
48x42 Template
56×42 4-Column Template
56x42 4-Column Template