Gartner Tech Research Portal

Gartner, Inc., is the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company. By taking advantage of the technology research at Gartner, ECU faculty, students and staff can make more informed decisions related to department technology investments, research collaboration, emerging IT trends and professional development.

Gartner access is available to current students, staff and faculty only. Research cannot be distributed outside East Carolina University. Note that use of this service is restricted for educational purposes only, and does not extend to alumni of the higher education institution.

Gartner Campus Access Can:

  • Enrich the educational experience. Instructors bring real-world technology examples to the classroom to enhance and grow students’ perspectives concerning emerging business models and trends.
  • Inform technology-related business decisions. Administrators have access to IT trends in higher education which helps with institutional planning, risk management and compliance, financial, employee and student system upgrades.
  • Provide evidence-based analysis. IT professionals require accurate IT trends, current best practices and vendor assessments to efficiently complete campus IT projects.
    Users also have access to Gartner “Hype Cycles” that characterize a technology’s journey from expectation to “over enthusiasm” to actual usefulness. “Magic quadrants” compare vendors so users choose an appropriate partnership fit.