ECU WiFi Wireless Network

ecu-wifi is an open, non-secure wireless network at ECU:

  • Access the internet and other non-secure resources. You must authenticate (log in) with your PirateID each time you connect. It is recommended that eduroam be your primary wireless network connection for cell phones, laptops and tablets.
  • Connect internet-ready devices such as smart TVs and other multimedia equipment not supported by the eduroam network service in residence halls. You can register your device and avoid daily authentication.
  • Onboard a mobile device to the eduroam wireless service.


Connect (register) a non-eduroam device

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If you live in a residence hall and wish to connect a smart TV or other internet-ready, multimedia device, please follow these steps to register the device in the My Devices Portal.

  1. Go to and log in with your PirateID.
  2. Read the Acceptable Use Policy and click the Accept button. The Manage Devices screen opens.
  3. Click the Add button to continue.
  4. From the Add Device screen, complete the device name, Device MAC address and description. Click Submit.

You choose the device name and description. The MAC address is an alphanumeric, multi-digit number displayed on the device as the Wireless MAC or Wi-Fi address.


Connecting to ecu-wifi and Onboarding to eduroam

  1. Join ecu-wifi SSID (network). The Sign On page opens.
  2. If the Sign On page does not automatically open, open a browser and navigate to
  3. Sign on with your PirateID/passphrase.
  4. Click Accept for the Acceptable Use Policy.
  5. You will be automatically redirected to complete the Sign On process.
  6. Once the Sign On process is complete, you will be directed to to begin the onboarding process for eduroam.
  7. If the Onboard Portal Sign On page does not automatically open, open a browser and navigate to
  8. Click the Begin Onboarding Process button.
  9. The ECU Network Configuration Utility page opens. Read the screen message and confirm:
    • the correct browser
    • the correct operating system
  10. Click the JoinNow button to install the certificate to your device (each wireless device must onboard to join eduroam).
  11. Authenticate with your PirateID and passphrase.
  12. Need help? Visit the eduroam page for step-by-step instructions (by device)