Accessible Email Guidelines

Create Accessible Email and Event Announcements

Email announcements help us spread the word to the ECU community on all sorts of important topics: department events and seminars, office openings and closings, HR-related information and much more.

By designing email announcements in multiple formats and using the accessibility guides explained below, you allow those of your audience using screen readers and keyboard-only access to read your message.

Create your Message in Multiple Formats

Often, you will have an image-based flyer for your event announcement. As a best practice, when you email the campus community, send the event details – the who, what, when and where – as the text-only body of your email and attach the Word, PDF, JPG or other graphic version of your announcement to the email. This will help you reach the widest audience.

Make sure that the original text version of your message follows the guidelines in the Design Accessible Email section.

Design Accessible Email

To meet basic accessibility requirements, an email message must:

  • Maintain readability through a logical reading order and sans serif fonts
  • Structure content using headings
  • Include sufficient color contrast between text and background
  • Provide text alternatives for images
  • Feature meaningful link text
  • Use a descriptive subject line

For a detailed explanation of each point, visit the email accessibility page.