Webex for Faculty & Students

Webex is a web conferencing program in which a group of people interact in a virtual online meeting environment. Webex sessions can be accessed live anytime, anywhere that attendees have an Internet connection. All sessions can be recorded, so those unable to attend the live session can play back the recording later.

I Need Webex for Staff

Webex for Staff

Blackboard Integration

WebEx for Instruction is accessed by faculty and students through Blackboard. While the application functions no differently, scheduling and attending meetings all happens within Blackboard.


  • Audibly communicate with others in the session.
  • Use live video streams.
  • Display and mark up a whiteboard.
  • Display and mark up slides, digital photos, and documents.
  • Play audio and video files.
  • Share your desktop to demonstrate the use of a program or tour the web.
  • Allow students to meet independently for group assignments
  • Anonymously survey students or attendees.
  • Control the flow of discussion in large online classes, meetings or conferences.
  • Communicate privately with students or attendees through text chat.
  • Set up breakout rooms for private discussions.
  • Create and administer exams, which can be automatically graded and reported to the instructor or meeting leader.

Other Instructional Applications

  • Project presentations
  • Office hours
  • Guest lectures
  • Streamed recordings
  • Software demonstrations
  • Student group meetings
  • Student organizational meetings
  • International exchanges
  • Research collaboration
  • Dissertation defense
  • Hybrid courses



Search and register for one of our Webex for Instruction Training courses in Cornerstone.

Self-Paced Training

Lynda.com offers two WebEx courses. View the entire course or the parts you need.

Note: Versions of Webex may not exactly match the version used by ECU.

Deskside Training

If the scheduled sessions don’t fit your schedule, feel free to contact the WebEx for Instruction Administrator and we can arrange to have someone meet with you one-on-one.

Departmental Training

To set up a department training session for your department, contact the WebEx Administrator for more information.