VoiceThread is an asynchronous, collaborative tool which allows users to create and share multimedia slide shows. Slide shows can be created in various formats. Some of the common formats are video only, slides and video or slides and audio. Documents, PDFs, images and other types of media can be imported for use in VoiceThread.

Viewers of a slide show also have the option to comment on the show using text, audio or video. Like text-based discussion boards, comments are organized in a threaded fashion allowing users to reply to existing comments or to create new comment threads.

Note: VoiceThread does not capture screen activity (cursor movement, typing and etc.) Users needing this feature may use Mediasite.


Blackboard Integration

Integration and access inside Blackboard.

Student Recording Assignments

In addition to faculty use, VoiceThread also provides an assignments feature. The assignments feature allows faculty to require to require students to create, watch or comment on a VoiceThread.


VoiceThread Accessibility Summary (ECU Account Required for Viewing)


E-mail: voicethread@ecu.edu