Saba Meeting is a Web conferencing program in which a group of people interact in a virtual online meeting environment. Saba Meeting can be accessed live anytime, anywhere attendees have an Internet connection. All meetings are automatically recorded, so those unable to attend the live meeting can play back the recording later. Instructors and meeting organizers set up events with the following capabilities:

  • Audibly communicate with others in the class or event
  • Utilize live video streams of other users’ webcams
  • Display and mark up a whiteboard
  • Display and mark up PowerPoint presentations and digital photos
  • Play audio or video files
  • Share your desktop to demonstrate the use of a program or take students or meeting attendees on a tour of the web
  • Allow students to meet on their own for group assignments and organizational meetings
  • Anonymously survey students or meeting attendees
  • Control the flow of discussion in large online classes, meetings or conferences
  • Communicate privately with students or meeting attendees through text chat
  • Set up breakout rooms for private discussions during a class or meeting
  • Create and administer online exams, which can be automatically graded and reported to the instructor or meeting leader

In addition to serving as a classroom for distance education classes, Saba Meeting is used for other applications as well:

  • Project presentations
  • Office hours
  • Guest lectures
  • Online streamed recordings
  • Software demonstrations
  • Student small group meetings
  • Student organizational meetings
  • International exchanges
  • Online conference sessions
  • Research collaboration
  • Dissertation defense
  • Hybrid courses



SabaMeeting supports keyboard shortcuts for all in-session features, screen readers such as JAWS and Narrator, and it provides 10 different auditory alerts to notify students of session occurrences.

For hearing-impaired students, Saba Meeting enables instructors to assign a captionist. Closed captions then scroll across the bottom of the screen for all participants to see during the event as well as after the event in the playback.

In addition, for students with visual impairments, you may need to provide content shared through Saba Meeting in an alternative format.

SabaMeeting Accessibility Summary (ECU Account Required for Viewing)