Retention Center

The Blackboard Retention Center is an optional instructor-only* tool, which helps you identify students who are at risk. Based on default and custom-created rules, each student’s engagement and participation (grades, course access, course activity, etc.) is visually displayed, alerting you to students at potential risk. The Retention Center also allows you to communicate with struggling students to help them take immediate action for improvement; however, the Retention Center does not connect at-risk students with ECU support resources.

*The Retention Center is only available to the Instructor of Record for the course.

How does Starfish work with Retention Center?

Retention Center is an additional tool to inform you of at risk students that can be reported using Starfish. Through Starfish, faculty can inform students of their academic performance within a course and connect students to appropriate, ECU support resources.

Accessing and using Retention Center

The Retention Center is default enabled in all courses. There are two methods of access.

  1. The My Blackboard menu.
  2. Control Panel > Evaluation > Retention Center.


Default rules

Criteria for each of the default rules can be modified, and new, custom rules can be created.

  1. Deadline – 1 Deadline missed by more than 0 days.
  2. Grade – External Grade is 25% below class average.
  3. Activity – Activity in the last week is 20% below course average.
  4. Course – Access Last access more than 5 days ago

Disabling the Retention Center

To disable the Retention Center in a course, choose Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability. Uncheck the box next to Retention Center and click the Submit button.


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