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Enhance your Course with Multimedia: Now Accepting Project Applications

Do you have an idea for an innovative way to enhance your course content and improve student learning through the use of an animation or simulation? Our multimedia experts have a wealth of experience developing instructional materials and can work with you to plan, design and develop a custom solution to meet your instructional needs. We are also available for consultation if you just need guidance getting started with a project.

We invite you to submit a project application. After submitting your project application we will follow up with you to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs. Projects are accepted based on available resources.

Please complete the form to submit your project application.

What can we do for you?

ITCS Animation Services encourages the ECU academic community to consider ways teaching methods can be enhanced by the use of sophisticated visual and interactive technology services offered by ITCS Academic Technologies.

We can provide computer graphics solutions which enhance the education experience.

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