Virtual Computing Lab (VCL)

What can VCL do for you?

Without buying software or leaving home, students log on to a VCL computer and access software to create class assignments. Faculty can request a software profile be added to the VCL systems.




Access Software Remotely
Students remotely access software from the Virtual Computing Lab to complete class assignments. The VCL is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is free to ECU students.



Request Software for Your Students
To request a software image for a course, submit the Virtual Computer Lab Image Request form (see above). Note that the number of software licenses available will be the maximum number of student connections allowed at any one time. For more information, email


Please Note:

  • The VCL is not available for use outside of the US due to software license restrictions.
  • The VCL is rebooted daily at 4:00 am. New connections are not allowed as of 3:45 am. Warning messages will be sent as a reminder but please be sure to save all work prior to 4:00 am.



Connect – Apple (Word)

Connect – Windows (Word)

Open Programs and Save Your Work (Word)