Pirate ID

For new faculty, staff and students, contract employees, retirees

Before using your PirateID, you must first activate your account and create a passphrase. If you are both student and staff, each account username is activated separately. Call the IT Help Desk at 252.328.9866 | 1.800.340.7081 for assistance.

  1. Navigate to http://pirateid.ecu.edu and type your Pirate ID.
  2. Type the CAPTCHA challenge text and click Next.
    NOTE: The CAPTCHA is not case-sensitive. Buttons to the right read the text aloud or generate a new challenge.
  3. Type your ECU ID (B00000000) and click Next.
  4. Choose and answer four user-unique questions for identification. Click Next.
    NOTE: Call the IT Help Desk if you receive this message: “The application does not have sufficient information available for you to activate your account.”
  5. Enter an alternate notification email address messages are sent to both the ECU email AND this address when passphrase maintenance is accessed using your PirateID. Click Continue.
  6. Enter a cell phone number to receive an activation code if you are ever locked out of your account. The format is 2521231234 (no hyphens or spaces). Click Continue.
  7. Choose three authentication questions for passphrase maintenance (two system questions and one of your choice). Click Next. The screen should read, Registration Successful.
    NOTE: If you are unsuccessful in setting authentication questions, try again or call the IT Help Desk (service hours only).
  8. Click Next. The Passphrase Maintenance Main Menu opens.
  9. Click Set Passphrase. The Set Passphrase dialog box opens.
    NOTE: Other options on the maintenance menu include, Unlock PirateID, Change Registration, Change Notification Email, Set Texting Number, Test Passphrase and Exit System.
  10. Type a passphrase that conforms to ECU’s criteria standards (Click the Passphrase Help link on this screen for criteria standards).
  11. Type the passphrase again to confirm.
  12. Click Set Passphrase.
  13. The next screen will confirm the passphrase has been set or instruct you to reset using criteria standards.
  14. When the passphrase has been successfully set, click Main Menu.
  15. From this menu, click the Exit System.

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