Pirate ID

Your legal name is the name in the Social Security system. Your PirateID username is first derived from your legal name.

If your legal name changes, through marriage, for example, contact Human Resources to update your name in the Banner system. When your legal name changes, your email display name in the address book will automatically change.

However, your PirateID will stay the same. To change your PirateID to match your legal name, submit the Accounts and Passwords Support form.

Your Exchange address book and online name can be changed by you at any time through the Banner Self Service app in Pirate Port. This changes the display name only, not your PirateID.

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New employees register and activate their PirateID through the Passphrase Maintenance website. The user identifies several security questions and then activates the new PirateID. A unique passphrase is also created at this time.

Passphrases must be changed every 90 days through this website. Employees are reminded by email.

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A prospective employee’s PirateID is created for the candidate of choice (PeopleAdmin) the next business day and expires after 45 days.

Once the prospective employee becomes an active employee in Banner, the expiration is removed.

To extend the prospective PirateID past the 45 days, please submit the Non-Employee Pirate ID Extension request.

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Per the Supervisor Notification for User Account Termination Policy, when an employee exits ECU, transfers or retires, the supervisor submits an Employee Account Access Termination Request before the exit date to ensure the user’s PirateID is deactivated and access to systems such as Banner or Appworx is removed.

Employee Account Access Termination Request
If an Employee Account Access Termination Request for a PirateID is not submitted, the PirateID is automatically terminated according to this schedule:

  • Fixed-term faculty. Eight (8) months following the termination date
  • All other employees. Five (5) calendar days following the termination date
  • Retirees. Privileges are deactivated according to the appropriate group schedule (fixed-term faculty or all other employees)

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First, submit the Employee Account Termination Request form before the termination date. Otherwise, the PirateID is deactivated five (5) calendar days following the termination date.

Note that retirees can keep their email address active if they first reactivate their PirateID through the PirateID Activation/Maintenance system (after the deactivation date) and access the account at least once a year.

Retirees are also allowed to keep scholarly ECU websites or blogs by submitting an IT service request within six (6) months of retirement and keeping their ECU email active.

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A retired ECU employee who returns as a contract employee must reactivate his/her old PirateID through the PirateID Activation/Passphrase Maintenance system.

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When an employee leaves a department, the supervisor is required to submit an Employee Account Access Termination Request before the termination date.

However, if an employee transfers from one department to another, the PirateID (terminated by the previous department) may not be automatically re-enabled. To ensure a smooth transition, the new department should submit the Accounts and Passwords Support request.

At this time, ITCS contacts the previous department before reactivation to ensure that the former department’s user access has been removed.

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