Account Deactivation Schedule – Students

Student PirateID accounts are active as long as the student is enrolled. ECU deactivates a student’s account when that student is not enrolled for the current semester and also meets at least one of the following conditions:

  • The student does not have an active incomplete
  • The student has not graduated from ECU
  • The student has not taken a class for credit as a degree-seeking student
  • The student is not in good academic standing (ex., academic suspension)
  • If the student is not enrolled for two consecutive semesters (fall or spring semesters only), the PirateID is deleted

Students receive an email prior to deactivation with instructions on saving all account information prior to deactivation

Undergraduate students: If you are not enrolled for one or more semesters (except summer session), you must apply for readmission. For more information contact ECU Admissions at 252.328.6640 or visit

Graduate students: You must register for at least one credit hour each semester (except summer session) until all degree requirements are complete (e.g., thesis, professional paper, internship, etc.). If there is a break in enrollment, you are required to apply for readmission. For more information contact your graduate program director or the graduate admissions department.