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Record Attendance

Exciting New Features

Record Attendance

For each class meeting, record whether a student is present, late, absent or excused. Profile pictures help you quickly identify students. Attendance records for each student appear in a grade center column.

Instructor: Record Attendance | Student: Check Attendance

Record Student Feedback

An instructor or grader can create personalized feedback recordings for assessment items. Each recording can be up to 5 minutes of audio or video. Students will see a comment bubble icon representing feedback recordings, which can be played on their computer or mobile device.

Record Student Feedback

Feedback locations are supported in the following areas: Assignment, Test, Graded Discussion, Graded Wiki, Graded Blog, Graded Journal, Feedback and in a manual grade column.

Instructor: Record Feedback

Additional Attempts in Anonymous Grading

If a student reaches the maximum number of attempts for assignments set for anonymous grading, you will be able to grant additional attempts. Currently, once a student reaches the maximum attempts for assignments set for anonymous grading, there is no option to grant additional attempts.

Instructor: Anonymous Grading Guide