New IT Services: Increase Efficiencies with Electronic Forms and Digital Signatures

Formstack Online Form Building

Formstack is a form creation and management tool that can replace your Word and PDF forms. Mobile-friendly, secure and standards compliant, you can easily customize your forms with dozens of accessible templates. Formstack also allows you to configure the approval workflows specific to your area while tracking the progress of submissions.

Formstack is available to faculty, staff, researchers and student organizations (account through faculty/staff advisor).

NOTE: Formstack is NOT approved for FERPA, HIPAA and other sensitive information.

How can Formstack Help You?

  • Replace paper forms. Formstack online forms include notifications, workflows, accessibility and security.
  • Electronically capture information from students and parents to keep your services on track.
  • Allow customers to upload documents as attachments when submitting a form.
  • Build a registration form for your events.
  • View, edit, export and manipulate the submitted data.

Getting Started

First, submit the Formstack Request.

After your account is created, you receive a log in and a welcome email that includes a short video tutorial with links to other resources. If you require further assistance, submit the Formstack Request and choose Formstack Problem. A technician will contact you.

DocuSign Digital Signature Service

DocuSign is an electronic signature service that allows you to securely sign and initial an electronic document instead of a paper copy. You can also send electronic documents for signature—to one person or many people—and easily see the status of the documents you send.

This is a great way to transform your current paper workflows into a digital process. There are several advantages to switching to DocuSign:

  • Secure and legally binding. DocuSign provides secure delivery of official documents and is legally binding.
  • Saves time.  Your current approval process might take weeks. However, with DocuSign, there is no paper to be hand- delivered or mailed. Documents are electronically routed through the approval process as they are signed, reducing turnaround time and manual staff labor.
  • Saves money. The DocuSign process can be paperless, which reduces printing, postal and storage costs.
  • Tracks the document. DocuSign tracks each document’s location in real time as well as who still needs to sign it, with updates sent periodically to remind signers they have a document waiting for their approval. No more physical forms getting lost.


If you’d like to transition your paper documents to electronic files while maintaining the proper flow of signatures, submit the DocuSign Request service request.

For help using DocuSign, visit the support website: