Important Announcements for Mac Users

Wait to upgrade to MacOS 10.14 Mojave!

Apple’s newest operating system – 10.14 / Mojave – was released on Monday, September 24, 2018.

ECU’s antivirus/anti-malware, Symantec Endpoint Protection, and CrashPlan Pro data backup utility are NOT yet compatible with Mojave. Many other applications, printers, scanners, and other peripherals used on campus are also incompatible.

What happens if you install Mojave? Installation can cause your machine to become unresponsive and unusable. ITCS can reimage your Mac and install a previous version of macOS, but any previous settings will be lost. Please wait to install Mojave until we have completed testing and notify the campus community of greater system compatibility.

Always back up your data

It is critical that owners of Mac models back up your data. If you experience technical problems with your Mac and it cannot be started, your data is irretrievable.

This especially applies to newer Macs with the T2 chip – iMac Pros (2017 and newer) and the MacBook Pro (2018) – because this chip encrypts your data. If your Mac is in need of repairs, a special procedure must be completed to retrieve your data, but this can only be done if your machine can be started.

If your data can be retrieved, you will need to provide an external hard drive to copy the encrypted data to. ITCS will then provide you with the serial number of the Mac for decrypting your data.

NOTE: Newer Mac models also have drives and memory fused to the logic board, so be sure to purchase the exact model you would like because you will not be able to upgrade the system.

Find out if your Mac has the Apple T2 chip:

Take Advantage of OneDrive and CrashPlan Pro

For peace of mind and ease, you can set up automatic data backups to OneDrive or CrashPlan:

OneDrive for Business cloud storage. OneDrive is available through your Office 365 subscription. Log into and click the OneDrive tile from the app launcher icon to access the space. Teams also has OneDrive cloud storage for shared files accessed through that interface. Drag and drop individual files or set up syncing between your devices for automatic uploads of documents, images, etc., to OneDrive for cloud access from anywhere.

More information and tutorials on syncing files to OneDrive:

CrashPlan. Easy to download and easy to configure, CrashPlan works in the background for continuous file backup on either Mac or Windows. It even offers previous versions of each file in the event a file is restored. Licensed by ECU, CrashPlan is available to ECU departments through an annual license fee of $78.50 per user. Users can install CrashPlan on four ECU-owned computers.

Request an account / installation instructions: