Instructional Web Conferencing Standard Moving from SabaMeeting to WebEx with Blackboard Integration

ECU will be transitioning away from the use of SabaMeeting by the end of the spring 2019 semester.

ECU upgraded to WebEx Cloud in July 2017 and adopted WebEx as the campus web conferencing standard for business to meet campus web, video, and phone conferencing needs.

A WebEx for Instruction Committee was formed during the summer of 2017, with the goal of developing a recommendation on the future use of SabaMeeting and WebEx with Blackboard integration.

We pilot tested a Blackboard Plug-In, to integrate WebEx with Blackboard. This integration provides an opportunity to standardize on a primary product that is feature rich and available to all campus users. Faculty participants in the pilot reported that WebEx was Much Better or Better than SabaMeeting and that WebEx could serve as a replacement for SabaMeeting

The WebEx for Instruction Committee along with the Distance Education and Learning Technologies Faculty Senate Committee recommended that WebEx with the Blackboard integration replace SabaMeeting as the primary instructional tool.

Advantages include,

  • WebEx provides a comparable web conferencing feature set for hosting meetings and online class sessions.
  • WebEx with Blackboard integration allows faculty to schedule and access web conferencing sessions through Blackboard.
  • WebEx has a deep integration with Outlook for scheduling online meetings.
  • WebEx is the campus standard for enterprise web conferencing.

In addition, the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing platform is now included in our Blackboard Learning Management System and will be available in May 2018, giving us yet another tool in the toolbox that is available for instruction.

ECU will begin the transition to WebEx with Blackboard integration this summer. Training opportunities are available in Cornerstone.